Omaha Children’s Choir (OCC) uses the power and discipline of choral music to unite children of diverse backgrounds thus strengthening team building, creativity, social interaction, understanding, and connection. Ultimately, our aim is to reach as many young people as possible in order to develop leaders who will bring about positive community change, now and in the future. OCC sees choral singing as a vehicle for children to grow, gain self-confidence, foster social and political awareness, and strengthen academic skills all while setting the stage for active participation in the arts throughout their lives.  The discipline instilled by studying choral music has shown to be a powerful tool in building these skills.


Your donations through December 31 will impact these
three areas of programming:

Singer Scholarships - Currently, 68% of our singers qualify and receive scholarships to assist with tuition. OCC seeks to be accessible to all youth in our city and does not turn any family away due to financial reasons.

Repertoire and commissions - OCC believes it is important that our singers, their cultures and identities, are represented in the music we sing. Representation matters. For this reason, we have decided during the 2018-2019 season to program only music from underrepresented populations such as women, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, people of color, and indigenous Americans. 

Voices Creating Change - Voices Creating Change is an annual collaborative event in which Omaha Children's Choir gives voice to the issues of our time. We use music as a tool to inspire social change in our community; a tool that can open our eyes to other cultures, open our emotions to different perspectives, break down social barriers, and unite people of all backgrounds. We use the power of people, art, and collaboration to tell the stories of organizations doing life-changing work.

Current Needs

  • Adopt an instrument

  • Sponsor a singer for a choral season

  • Provide general supplies for programming

    • 3-ring binders (red or black)

    • Printer ink and 8X11 paper

    • Pencils

    • Stamps

    • Thank you cards

  • Purchase of an item from our Amazon Wish List

    • All of these items assist with OCC programming and general operating

TAGG, amazon smile, baker's plus rewards, & Shop with Scrip

TAGG (Together a Greater Good)


Many local businesses now support local organizations via TAGG. To support us, download the free TAGG app to your device. Each time you visit a TAGG-supported business, take a picture of your receipt or use the QR code given to donate 5% of your purchase total to the Omaha Children's Choir!

Amazon Smile


Amazon Smile functions the same as the regular Amazon website, but allows you to choose an organization to support through your purchases. Depending on the item, a portion of the cost will benefit the Omaha Children's Choir if you select us as the beneficiary. PLEASE NOTE: purchasing on will not result in a donation to our organization, you must use to ensure we get the proceeds!


Baker's Plus Rewards

Similar to Amazon Smile, Baker's Plus Rewards allows you to select the Omaha Children's Choir as your beneficiary. A portion of your purchases made go directly to our organization; you can select us via your rewards account online or at a store.

Shop with Scrip

Donate to OCC with your everyday expenses! Whether grocery shopping, stopping for coffee, and going out to dinner, Shop with Scrip allows you to purchase gift cards at retail value, and they donate a percent of your purchase to OCC! Contact Samuel for the enrollment code to start purchasing your gift cards today!